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Understanding VAT Relief on Mobility Products

For individuals with mobility challenges, having access to the right assistive devices can significantly improve their quality of life and independence. In the United Kingdom, the government recognizes the importance of these products and provides VAT relief to make them more affordable and accessible. In this blog, we will explore what VAT relief is, the eligibility criteria, and how it benefits individuals in need of mobility products.

1. Understanding VAT Relief:

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax levied on most goods and services in the UK. However, certain products and services are eligible for VAT relief, including mobility aids and equipment designed to assist individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions. VAT relief ensures that these essential items are offered at a reduced cost or exempt from VAT altogether, making them more affordable for those who need them.

2. Eligibility for VAT Relief:

To qualify for VAT relief on mobility products in the UK, individuals must meet certain criteria. The eligibility criteria typically include:

a) The product must be specifically designed for disabled people.

b) The user must have a long-term illness or disability that significantly affects their ability to carry out everyday activities.

c) The product must be for personal or domestic use by the eligible individual.

It's important to note that not all mobility products are eligible for VAT relief, so it's essential to check with the supplier or retailer to determine if a specific item qualifies.

3. Benefits of VAT Relief for Mobility Products:

a) Financial Savings: VAT relief significantly reduces the cost of mobility aids and equipment, making them more affordable for individuals and their families. This financial benefit ensures that people in need can access the necessary products without facing excessive financial strain.

b) Increased Accessibility: By providing VAT relief, the government promotes greater accessibility to mobility products. This means that individuals who require assistive devices can obtain them more easily, enhancing their ability to move independently and participate fully in everyday activities.

c) Broader Product Range: VAT relief encourages suppliers and manufacturers to develop a wider range of mobility products to meet the specific needs of disabled individuals. This ensures that users have access to a variety of options, allowing them to select the most suitable and tailored solutions for their requirements.

d) Improved Quality of Life: By reducing the financial burden and facilitating access to mobility products, VAT relief improves the overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions. It enables them to maintain their independence, stay active, and carry out daily tasks with greater ease and dignity.

4. How to Claim VAT Relief:

To claim VAT relief on eligible mobility products, individuals need to complete a declaration form provided by the supplier or retailer. This form requires basic information about the individual's eligibility and serves as proof for the VAT exemption. It is essential to keep the completed declaration form for future reference and potential audits.


VAT relief for mobility products in the UK plays a crucial role in improving accessibility and affordability for individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions. By reducing the financial burden and expanding the range of available assistive devices, VAT relief promotes independence, enhances quality of life, and empowers individuals to lead more fulfilling lives. If you or someone you know requires mobility aids, it is worth exploring the options for VAT relief to make these essential products more accessible and affordable.

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