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Old Man Sitting

Hello Will

Living with oedema can be challenging, but finding solutions to make everyday life more comfortable is essential. Recently, I discovered the benefits of a rise and recliner chair from Joseph Henry. I’m happy to  to share my personal experience and the positive impact my new chair has had on my life.

My Story

The rise and recliner chair's design provides much-needed relief from the discomfort caused by oedema. The chair's rise function allows me to easily transition from a sitting to a standing position, reducing strain on my legs and joints. The high leg feature enables me to elevate my legs, better circulation and reducing swelling.

The first thing that impressed me about the Joseph Henry chair was its made for me. Every aspect, from the seat height to the fabric to match my room, everything to suit my needs. During my Home visit I was offered expert guidance from friendly staff with no pushy sales. Throughout me selecting and purchasing my rise and recliner chair, the service from Joseph Henry as been wonderful .  

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