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Everything you need to keep your luxury chair looking like new

We have a huge variety of fabrics that you can choose from when selecting your ideal riser recliner chair. However, it is essential that you clean and care for it regularly to get the most out of it.

Our fabric quality is second to none, it has a ‘four-way-stretch’, meaning the fabric is strong and malleable enough to stretch in four directions. There are 6-8 stitches per inch making the upholstery strong and better able to withstand years of wear and tear. Our fabric is also subject to an intense rub test.

But what can you do to make my rise and recline chair upholstery last for as long as possible?

Everyone knows that furniture doesn’t last forever and there is little you can do about everyday wear and tear, but there are things you can do to make it last that little bit longer by caring for it in the right way.


Leather is highly a durable upholstery compared to other materials; however, it needs to be maintained in the correct way otherwise you will quickly see the leather degrade.

Here are our 9 simple tips to help conserve your leather rise and recline chair...

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat. Exposure to direct sunlight causes leather to fade.

Avoid contact with acids or strong alkalis, solvents, perfumes, hair and skin products.

Take care with pens, especially biros and sharp objects, these can scuff, cut and mark the leather.

Most creams, sprays and cosmetics are not PH neutral, therefore always make sure you use a genuine leather care kit. No perfumed sprays or air fresheners should be applied directly to the leather.

Mop up any excess water to prevent liquids absorbing into the leather if spilt.

Wipe clean using a clean dry/ slightly damp cloth.

Do not rub when cleaning.

Dry naturally and avoid direct heat.

When using a new genuine leather cleaning product always test it in a small unseen area of the chair first before using in the affected area.


It’s also really important to clean your fabric rise and recline chairs and sofas regularly to prolong their lives. Here are our top tips for looking after your fabric rise and recline chairs and matching sofas

Dyes can transfer. Be careful when wearing dark clothes and sitting on light coloured furniture.

Heavy clothing is abrasive. Clothing like denim and other textured fabric can cause extra wear and tear.

Cosmetics. Avoid using body products, hair gels, tanning products and cosmetics near the chair because it could stain and damage the material.

Sharp objects. Avoid sitting on your rise and recline chair while wearing buckles and jewellery, keep children’s toys away from the chairs and also pet claws are the nemesis of new furniture.

Heat. Direct sunlight can discolour, fade or deteriorate your furniture. Make sure you find a nice shady spot to place your rise and recline chair.

Act fast. No matter how hard you try, spills are inevitable, so it’s important to act fast to avoid a stain. Don’t allow the liquid time to soak in and absorb into the fabric. Nor should you rub the fabric. If the spill is liquid, try and mop or dab it up with a clean, white absorbent cloth. If it is solid, remove excess with a blunt knife or spatula, be careful not to spread it and carefully dab the stain.

For spills, don’t use washing up liquid, detergents or bleach to remove the stain only use upholstery cleaner that you have tested in a hidden place first.

If the spill is oily or greasy, seek help from a professional cleaner.

Clean regularly. To make sure the fabric on your rise and recline chair lasts for years to come you should regularly clean it. Dust and dirt can wear and discolour your fabric and don't forget to clean when the chair is in the reclining action position. Regularly use a soft brush or vacuum lightly using the curtain attachment. Clean in between the cushions and all the loose covers to prevent uneven changes in colour.

Plump your cushions. As well as cleaning it’s important to plump your cushions to keep their natural shape to provide the optimal level of comfort and support. Daily plumping can help elongate the shape of the chair.

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