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What goes inside our rise and recline chairs?

Good quality is at the heart of our core values, so we only choose the highest quality materials to put at the heart of our chairs. We believe that using high-quality materials in our chairs will make them last for years and years, keeping you comfortable for as long as you need.

We’re so proud about what goes into our chairs that we wanted to share it with you. Continue reading to find out what's inside our chairs and why that makes them so comfortable and long-lasting.


We use kiln-dried hardwood on the inside of our chairs making it a structure you can rely on. Due to its inherent strength and natural grain, a kiln-dried hardwood such as Beech will always be superior to low-quality MDF or chipboard.

Beech is better able to withstand the stresses and strains placed upon the wood in everyday use in a rise and recline chair. Only the best rise and recline chairs are made with natural Beech. While cheaper alternatives use poor quality MDF or chipboard.


British Steel has a global reputation for being strong and reliable. This is due to the stringent manufacturing process ensuring there are very few impurities in the metal. Imported steel is often cheaper and may not be manufactured to the same standard and reliability of British-made steel.


Welding is used for fixing two or more pieces of metal together. When joining metal along a seam, two types of welding are used: spot welding and seam welding. Spot welding is cheaper and a weaker method that sees a joint welded only at intermittent spots. Seam welding, while more time-consuming and costlier, welds the whole join and should be significantly stronger and longer-lasting.


T-Nuts and wood tracks are used to fasten a wood workpiece. While they serve the same purpose, the T-Nut provides a much tighter fixing than a wood track. Because riser recliner chairs move from a raised position to a reclined position frequently, the woof fixing are subject to stress regularly.

Over time, wood tracks will come loose and fail. On the other hand, T-Nuts are a lifetime fixing that can be relied upon to withstand daily stresses. High-end chairs use T-Nuts to secure essential fixing in place.

Reflex foam and memory foam

The Reflex foam prevents the chair from sagging, as it springs back into shape after you leave the chair.

As well as luxurious reflex high-density foam padding out our comfy rise and recline chairs you can also add memory foam. This can benefit those who are seated for longer than one hour and those that require extra support.

The memory foam can relieve pressure points in the body. It can be added to the seat, arms and footrest. It sits under your chose fabric and adds support as well as comfort.

Microfibre cushions

The padding in the back cushions is full of comforting microfiber to support your back while you sit. All our cushions can be opened and adjusted to your taste by taking out or putting in microfibre stuffing.

Serpentine springs

Adding serpentine springs creates extra support and comfort in the seat of the chair.

100s of luxurious fabrics

We have a huge variety of different materials that our chairs can come in. Our supplier is highly respected and you can tell the difference. The fabric has a ‘four-way stretch’ meaning it stretches in four directions giving you the extra comfort to relax in your chair.

Choose from 100s of colours, textures and patterns to suit your home interior.


Choose from three different motors that suite your preferred rise and recline action.

Recliner armchairs come with a motor action. To get the chair that is right for you, you’ll have to choose the motor that suits you best and it all depends on what you want to get out of the chair and the room you plan to put it in.

We only put the best motors on the market in our chairs.

Casters and gliders

All of our mobility chairs and settees are fitted with Castors and Gliders. The castors are fitted via a metal pin which the plastic castor is fixed to. You should choose castors if you have carpets, they are also lockable. However, if you have wooden or hard floors gliders are better as they move on the floor easier.

So, now you know exactly what goes into our chairs and the level of quality that makes Joseph Henry chairs stand out from the rest. Now you can sit back and relax in your living room in the knowledge that you're sitting on excellence.

To try out our rise and recline chairs call us on 01244 780030 .

Book a Personal Home Visit https://www.josephhenry.co.uk/home-visit

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