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The Highgate

Sit back and relax in perfect comfort with the Highgate chair, a classic piece that combines style and function. You'll appreciate the beautiful wooden knuckles, which provide not only a visually appealing look but also a practical grip for added safety.

If you're looking for ultimate comfort and support, look no further than the Highgate. Its elegant waterfall backrest, filled with luxuriously cushioned material, offers both a stunning appearance and exceptional support for your spine. The three contoured cushions cascade gracefully to follow the shape of your back, providing excellent lumbar support that promotes good posture and reduces pressure points. Say goodbye to those pesky aches and pains that result from extended sitting!

While the motor does all the work, the wooden arm-ends on the Highgate provide an extra level of security and stability when you're sitting down or standing up.

Indulge in luxurious comfort and timeless style with the Highgate . With their sturdy construction, superior support, and eye-catching details, these chairs are sure to become your new favorite spot for relaxation.


The Highgate

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Choose from over 70 fabrics, make your chair your own.

Complementary Furniture

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Enhance your chair with accessories to personalise your chair.

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